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Voiceover Master Classes
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Live Master Classes In Santa Clarita, CA or Online. Study From Anywhere

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Voiceover is a voice-driven business. So why not learn from one of the top voice coaches in the country, one of the same guys "million-dollar voices" have gone to for private training and coaching? Mastering Voiceover is taught by Dan Balestrero, author of the national best selling home study course "Mastering the Art of Voiceovers," and the only voice over training series that really grounds you in the vocal development techniques all top pros ultimately use. Offering 20 hours of instruction over 10 weeks, Mastering Voiceover teaches both beginners and professionals alike the comprehensive skills they'll need to know in order to successfully navigate this highly competitive but lucrative industry.

Getting Down To Business

Voiceover Business

New to the industry? We'll cover all the details, from the realities of breaking in, to how to break down copy; from how to compile a first-rate demo. Had some experience? We'll help you refine your marketing and target your clients better with inside information about current conditions and the newest styles.

Ultimately, It’s All About Voice

Voiceover Business

Your voice is the engine that does all the work. If you have a long sentence, there is the danger of running out of breath, and that wouldn't be good. Which is why we teach you much more than just acting and performance styles. Mastering Voiceover concentrates on the most valuable asset any voice over artist can have—control of your vocal instrument. Discover the secrets of breathing and voice production that all top-flight professionals use to win their auditions and deliver effortless reads. Get introduced to the magic of "Day Voice" and the relationship between voice development and career success. And, we'll also teach you how to dramatically improve your phrasing, ace your cold readings and how to sound fresh even on your twenty-second take. All of your coachings are recorded on state of the art SD cards as high-quality MP3's so you can listen from your computer, smart phone or any MP3 player.

Hear For Yourself What Our Students Are Doing

Hear what students at are doing.
Hear what students at are doing.
Hear what students at are doing.
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Small Classes, Big Gains

Class size is limited to ten people to ensure maximum personal attention and plenty of turns reading. This also allows students to interact more personally with each other. We believe the emphasis should be on your progress and interactivity, not our bottom line and lecturing.

Perfect Your Skills Faster

Mastering The Art of Voiceovers CD 1

Because Mastering Voiceover classes are based on the exact same techniques taught in our Voiceover Home Study Course Mastering the Art of Voiceovers, you can increase your learning curve dramatically by reviewing MP3 lessons at home, or in the car. Didn't quite get that voicing right last time in front of the class? Just go to the specific track download and practice that section alone, at your own speed—then perfect your performance next time at the mic. Both the live class and lesson downloads are designed to work with with each other and be mutually supporting. Got an audition? Use MP3 downloads to warm up even as you drive to it. (MP3 lessons sold separately.)

Mastering Voiceover: Live Classes will include group reads, cold reading drills, and detailed discussions of how to form a business plan. Dan has 30 years teaching experience and emphasizes: breath and voice development, cold reading skills, voiceover styles, naturalness of delivery, home studio set up instruction, and the business networking skills that are essential for getting work. Beyond that, mock auditions will insure your ability to invent different reads upon request and to cold read without strain or anxiety.

If you’re interested in making money in voice overs, improving your naturalness and presentation, or simply developing your voice and communication skills to their fullest potential, Mastering Voiceover is the voice over training class for you.

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Mastering Voiceover: Classes in Santa Clarita

  • 10 weekly Sessions for $625
  • 7:30 to 9:30pm Wed. nights in Santa Clarita
    Just 25 minutes north of Burbank
  • All classes are ongoing
  • One hour private coaching on Skype $150
  • (Any combination of these may be arranged)

Mastering Voiceover: Classes Online

Group Online Voiceover Classes

  • 10 weekly Sessions for $450
  • 7:30 to 9:30pm Wednesday NIGHTS
  • All classes are ongoing
  • Classes are conducted on Zoom
    with a 3 camera Shoot of our live class
    So you can be a part of the onsite group
  • Click on the link and you're in

Please call (310) 827-3500 to reserve your place. All sales are final. Please make sure you can take the 10 sessions within 12 weeks. There are no refunds for untaken classes. After 12 weeks any unused classes are forfeited. Location: AzzurraMedia Ranch in Santa Clarita, CA 91390